ISN Approved Contractor …Safe and Sustainable Workplace

Total Restoration Services, Inc, (TRS) an Approved Contractor in the ISN Global Network for over five years, is a world-class concrete service company with a focus on safety and sustainability.

The TRS Philosophy 

Our guiding company philosophy merges job site safety practices with knowledge-based training programs, creating a safe and sustainable environment at every worksite. TRS maintains an excellent Experience Modification Factor (EMF), consistently scoring well below the national average of 1.0, reflecting our emphasis on our thorough in-house safety and training policy.

Occupational safety and health has matured into a social responsibility platform throughout the industry. TRS recognizes that environmental issues that were once the primary focus of sustainability initiatives have now heightened attention to managing our company’s social responsibility in the construction and building repair sectors.

Our clients, leaders in the chemical, freight, food, property management and navigation industries, seek reliable health and safety construction partners who also work in protecting the environment in a sustainable manner. 

The TRS Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

TRS recognizes that our company cannot be sustainable without protecting the safety and health of our most vital resources: our workers and the employees of our clients in addition to the environment. Therefore, we are committed to following best practices:

  • Reclamation of concrete demolition and waste concrete/masonry materials 
  • Participating in the recyclable process of structural steel and reinforcing rebar
  • Utilizing repair materials which minimize environmental and economic impacts 
  • Coordinating the client’s logistical and safety parameters with TRS contractual work
  • Continually reviewing industry practices and comparing these to TRS’s implementation of internal programs
  • Enforcing the TRS’s policy of a safe and sustainable workplace with every project

Learn More about TRS

With over 50 years of experience as a concrete service company, Total Restoration Services, Inc. specializes in providing investigative, design, and repair of concrete structures across industrial and commercial buildings in both modern and historical applications. TRS has been ISN Certified since February of 2016. When you partner with Total Restorations Services, Inc., you can trust us to manage your next project with expertise and an abundance of real industry experience. Contact us to discuss your next project at 443-507-5096.

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