How do I Know when my Concrete Needs to be Resealed?

When it comes down to space utilization and equipment storage, your building is an essential factor in production. Yet, work can be jeopardized by something as simple as deteriorating concrete.

Read on to learn more about reading your building’s concrete and how to spot issues before they turn into big problems.

Towson United Methodist Church Columbarium

Towson United Methodist Church Columbarium - Total Restoration Services

Now Existing 2013 Then Completed 1996 Columbaria were large vaults where people’s cremated remains were placed in small wall niches Ancient History Columbaria have been around since the beginning of time. The Romans believed that proper burial was essential for passage to the afterlife. Many Romans belonged to funeral societies called collegia to ensure proper burial. Collegia members were granted a niche in a columbarium. Columbaria were large vaults where people’s cremated remains were placed in small wall niches. Columbaria were an inexpensive way to guarantee this passage, and collegia allowed all classes of people to reach the afterworld. Some Emperors even provided funeral allowances to those so very poor who could not afford collegia.

Masonry Re-Anchoring Systems

Large Vertical Cracks - Total Restoration Services

Brick units are “prevented” from rocking, bulging or blowing away from the structure via utilization of brick anchors. Here’s how we use them to restore brick facades.

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