TRS offers a variety of robust and professional restoration services covering everything from building cleaning to weatherproofing.

We professionally restore and repair historic architecture, industrial buildings, residential and commercial buildings, and speciality facilities.

Whether you need one of our services or a combination your next step is as easy as contacting us.

Church - Historic Architecture - Total Restoration Services

Historic Architecture

Your historic building is a unique, iconic piece of your city. Historic buildings tend to be well-built and long lasting. But even the best building decays over time.

We use a variety of stone strengthening and restoration techniques depending on your structure's unique needs.

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Industrial Buildings - Dike with Vinyl Ester Resin - Total Restoration Services

Industrial Buildings

Whether you have aging concrete slabs or are cleaning up after wear and tear from caustic materials, you’ll find that our industrial building restoration services will have your building looking good as new.

If you have a concrete floor that needs repairs, need to seal off a storage tank or silo, or need to reinforce your concrete against chemical wear and tear, we can perform a concrete structures investigation to assess your needs.

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Residential and Commercial Buildings - Total Restoration Services


Residential and commercial buildings are an important part of any city’s visual appeal.

At TRS, we specialize in restoration of residential and commercial buildings, whether you want to restore your building’s facade or need to strengthen the building from within.

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Specialty Facilities - Total Restoration Services

Specialty Facilities

If you have a specialty restoration project, we can help you assess your maintenance requirements and take the necessary action to make your structure safe and secure.

We not only have the ISN certification you know you can trust, but we have a team with years of specialty restoration projects on the record.

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