Precast Concrete Repair

Total Restoration Services, Inc. (TRS) is a specialty trade contractor with an expertise in the repair and restoration of building structures in the industrial, commercial and warehouse/storage industries. TRS diagnoses and generates structural solutions to address building distress as well as to assist clients in their continued management.

Specialized Aerial Work Platforms

Total Restoration Services, Inc (TRS) has taken a significant industry role in establishing corporate safety policies and best practices in performing work in high elevations or difficult and extraordinary work zones. Accessing building facades, silos, mill towers, congested mechanical/electrical ceilings, cooling towers, and other no-go zones in a safe and reliable manner is a TRS expertise. TRS Safety Director Mr. James Marasco works closely with current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs on workplace safety and health standards specifically related to the elevated space or congested work zone for each TRS project. TRS constantly reviews all personal protection equipment, standard at all TRS work sites, and designs the site to provide the best protection solutions for workers from falls, hot/cold work environments, poor lighting or ventilated areas, and difficulties arising in fully enclosed and confined workspace. TRS utilizes a variety of aerial work platforms and scaffolding products to access these difficult locations, including heavy duty work platforms, swing stages, mobile scaffolding, telescoping JLGs, specialized custom industrial shoring and jacking towers, walkway scaffold, planks, pick, and ladders. TRS strives to provide our commercial and industrial sector clients with a site visual review to address the structures’ deteriorated features and recommend solutions, using the following process:  Recommend We recommend repair solutions for structures, building enclosures, and processing facilities that have a high degree of mechanical piping and electrical duct requiring support. Perform We offer condition surveys and repair/maintenance budgets while minimizing the disruption of ongoing operations. Evaluate We prepare an evaluation of the work zone logistics, the duration schedule, and implement a plan of action to repair the work task at hand. Learn More about TRS With over 50 years of experience as a … Read More

ISN Approved Contractor …Safe and Sustainable Workplace

Total Restoration Services, Inc, (TRS) an Approved Contractor in the ISN Global Network for over five years, is a world-class concrete service company with a focus on safety and sustainability. The TRS Philosophy  Our guiding company philosophy merges job site safety practices with knowledge-based training programs, creating a safe and sustainable environment at every worksite. TRS maintains an excellent Experience Modification Factor (EMF), consistently scoring well below the national average of 1.0, reflecting our emphasis on our thorough in-house safety and training policy. Occupational safety and health has matured into a social responsibility platform throughout the industry. TRS recognizes that environmental issues that were once the primary focus of sustainability initiatives have now heightened attention to managing our company’s social responsibility in the construction and building repair sectors. Our clients, leaders in the chemical, freight, food, property management and navigation industries, seek reliable health and safety construction partners who also work in protecting the environment in a sustainable manner.  The TRS Commitment to Safety and Sustainability TRS recognizes that our company cannot be sustainable without protecting the safety and health of our most vital resources: our workers and the employees of our clients in addition to the environment. Therefore, we are committed to following best practices: Reclamation of concrete demolition and waste concrete/masonry materials  Participating in the recyclable process of structural steel and reinforcing rebar Utilizing repair materials which minimize environmental and economic impacts  Coordinating the client’s logistical and safety parameters with TRS contractual work Continually reviewing industry practices and comparing these to TRS’s implementation of internal programs Enforcing the TRS’s policy of a safe and sustainable workplace with every project Learn More about TRS With over 50 years of … Read More

Welcome to Total Restoration Services

The experienced team here at Total Restoration Services (TRS) has been providing comprehensive testing, restoration, and training services to Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Delaware for decades. Whether you are in need of concrete, masonry, or waterproofing repair, our expert representatives are here to help. TRS is based in Hampstead MD with a second office in Bishopsville. Learn more about our areas of expertise here on or contact us today to begin your restoration project.